3.21% in Bahía Blanca: the first inflation figure for the month of March

Inflation does not subside and at the end of the first quarter of the year it was close to 10% in Bahía Blanca. According to the CPI On Line, March added a 3.21% increase to the high data for January (2.40%) and February (3.61%). Although the increase was lower than the previous month, the inertia continues and in the last twelve months, the accumulated surpasses 48%, the highest since the indicator began to be surveyed in the southern city of Buenos Aires.

As expected, the education category, with 7.67%, led the increases in the month in which classes start, pushed by the prices of library items and fees from private schools. It followed Food and Beverages (5.12%) and Other Goods and Services (3.83%) completed the podium of the items that exceeded the rise in the general level. All contributed rose in a situation that is repeated and marks the sign of the times in terms of prices.

“Although March represents a slight decrease compared to the previous month, it still maintains a high level of inflation in relation to the last months,” Juan Manuel Larrosa, head of the IPC On Line, told Clarín. He stressed that the level of food and beverages “remains very high” and warned that the transfer to prices of the dollar rise has not yet finished by the end of 2018.

“There is a backward and new transfer, product of the volatility of the dollar, which at times seems stable, but with the current flotation band scheme, it still has room to continue rising,” said the economist at the Universidad Nacional del Sur. He added to that context, the electoral uncertainty and doubts about the sustainability of the official zero deficit program.

The behavior of prices in March showed a very high and sustained rate of rise in the first weeks and tranquility at the end “described Larrosa, who clarified that in the survey, they did not consider the fuel increases that occurred since Friday. Neither, of course, the new gas rate schedule that governs today with an average increase of 29%. So far this year, cumulative inflation in Bahía Blanca reaches 9.5%, according to the IPC On Line.

The March index also highlighted increases in Household Equipment and Maintenance (1.80%), Transport and Communications (1.65%) and Leisure (1.60%). Of the 12,567 products and services surveyed, 46.2% registered increases, 3.6% were low and the remaining 50.2% did not change. The highest one-off rises were registered in prices of tomato perita, children’s book, secondary text, electric heater and flavored water, all superior to 55%. The highest point losses were in prices of sweet potato, orange, plain white rice and jam, with discounts of over 25%.

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