IDB Millionaire BID on meat, peanuts and legumes from Salta

The rain of investments never reached Argentina, but there are some showers like the one announced yesterday by the firm of Desdelsur, the main producer and exporter of pulses in the country and one of the great players in meat shipments. It is a US $ 30 million credit granted by the IDB and the Dutch Rabobank, which will be used to modernize the company’s processing plants both in the province of Salta and in Zárate, Buenos Aires, expand the machinery park and strengthen livestock production.

In a dialogue with Clarín, the founder and president of Desdelsur, José Macera, explained that it is a seven-year term loan with a rate that is considerably lower than the current international rate for Argentina. “The total credit rate is 7.5 percent per year, which at seven years and with two years of grace for the payment of capital are very good conditions,” said the businessman. Then he added: “It is a credit that solidifies us a lot in the financial and structures us in a very long term. In addition, Rabobank is the world’s leading bank in the financing of agribusiness, and its qualification to our project is a kind of certificate of value. “

Desdelsur started producing bean in a field of 300 hectares in Tartagal, in the north of Salta, at the end of the 80s. Then they added peanuts, corn to balance the agricultural rotation, livestock to take advantage of that corn locally, the chickpea and other vegetables.

Currently it has around 27,000 hectares of its own in a single unit in Tartagal, and another one rented. “Of summer crops, this year we are planting 38,000 hectares of which 13,000 are corn, almost 15,000 of beans, 3,000 of peanuts and some megatérmicas pastures, in which we have also been pioneers. In the winter, this year that there is good humidity in the profiles we are going to make 15,000 hectares of chickpea. In addition, some experiences with peas and lentils are added “, describes Macera.

In recent years, the export of chickpeas in Argentina went from 5,000 tons to 160,000, and Desdelsur led that growth. “In a reasonably good year we are exporting about 60,000 tons of pulses and peanuts,” says the businessman. The company’s products reach more than 70 countries around the world -mainly the European Union, Africa and the Middle East- with sales of more than 70 million dollars per year.

Today, perhaps, livestock is the activity that offers the most perspectives of evolution. The company began to fatten the first steers fifteen years ago, as a way to add value to corn, and today represents an important part of the shipments made to Europe through the 481 Quota. Only in February sold more than 10,000 steers.

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