Hershey’s is changing the look of his chocolate bar for the very first time in history.


NY Hershey’s century and-a age-old chocolate bar design is getting a very modern makeover. The brand is replacing its logo and engraving 25 popular emojis into the rectangles that make up its own milk chocolate bar. Hershey’s is like a face, the fist pound, the ghost emoji and others. The emoji stuffed redesign marks the very first time Hershey’s has altered its milk chocolate bar design because it first went on sale in 1900.

However, sad face, it is not a permanent shift. The new bars are on sale for a limited time starting this summer. The company stated it’ll only make about 25 million standard- and – snack sized emoji bars. By adding an emoji design to every pip of chocolate, we all hope that parents and children are motivated to share some chocolate emoji and make a connection with someone new, stated Kriston Ohm manager at a press release. Every one of the emojis were selected to feature meanings that would help to ignite a conversation, the company said. They’ll be sold from the conventional size and snack size and will arrive in six distinct packages.

Hershey has made hardly any developments to the namesake lineup at the past. In 2017, it began selling Hershey’s Golda caramelization creme bar with pretzels and peanuts inside. It had been the very first Hershey’s bar that did not include chocolate. Prior to this, Hershey’s started selling a Cookies n Creme variety in 1995. Hershey’s Special Dark debuted in 1939.

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