Reasons Why Some of Us Are Constantly Hungry

Your stomach starts grumbling. You begin rooting around your desk or your pantry for just a bit bite of something—despite the fact that you ate a meal less than an hour ago. Sound familiar? If you feel hungry all the time, there might be several different things occurring—only some of which have to do with food, says Susan Albers, Ph.D., a mindful eating expert, and author of the upcoming book Hanger Management. “We make hundreds of meals decisions in a day, nearly all of which isn’t prompted by true hunger,” she says. “We’re surrounded by food 24 hours and are flooded daily with stress and emotions. The majority of all eating is triggered by emotion.”

Here are some of the top causes you may be in a state of constant hunger:

If you’re picking at a plate of cucumbers or you’re trying out a fad diet that eliminates an entire food group, you are going to be hungry. After which you are going to snack. Which defeats the aim of all that calorie-cutting during your meals.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by work deadlines, relationship issues, or the general state of the world, your body can react by screaming, Feed me! “If you’re stressed, your body spikes the hormones cortisol and ghrelin, which each make you hungry,” says Sowa, who factors out that stress-eaters typically reach for carbs first. Albers recommends you discover calming techniques that may keep you from reaching for the cookies or chips, such as relaxation exercises or taking a walk through a green area.