Chinese Government is Installing a Spyware App in the Smartphones of visitors

Visitors to Xinjiang in China are experiencing a surprise within the form of a spyware app that is being forcefully installed on their phones.

As Vice reports, vacationers are being stopped at Chinese borders within the Xinjiang region and having their smartphones seized. Border guards then install an app referred to as Fengcai or BXAQ, which proceeds to collect all personal info including text messages, calendar entries, phone contacts, call logs and a listing of the installed apps. All the info is then sent to a distant server for review.

In addition to collecting personal data, Fengcai has been found to check the content against a list of 73,000 items flagged as being suspicious or value further investigation. A few of these objects are legitimate, for instance, instructions on how to make weapons, however then the list additionally includes books are written in Arabic, audio of the Quran being read, and documents referring to the Dalai Lama.

Fengcai was developed by Nanjing FiberHome StarrySky Communication Development Firm Ltd. after which distributed by Chinese authorities. As you’d anticipate, neither is willing to speak about using spyware and forced smartphone seizures. So if you do intend on visiting the Xinjiang region, it is best to leave your smartphone at residence, or on the very least run the best security solution you’ll be able to ON it.