All New Features of Google Camera 6.3

All New Features of Google Camera 6.3

Other than Revealing a key change to gestural navigation in an upcoming Android Q launch, we detailed new features in Google Camera 6.3, which you can download now. Night Sight is a central part of the app, while white balance modes have been removed. Our APK Insight additionally revealed a “McFly mode” and Pixel 4 support.

Model 6.3 of Google Camera elevates Night Sight to the app’s main interface. Changing Panorama, it’s a lot quicker to access one of the best features on Pixel phones. The low-light shooting mode is now two swipes to the right or a quick tap within the carousel of camera modes.

Night Sight is no longer buried within the “More” tab, whereas Google Camera will still pop-up suggestions when scenes are dark. The following most significant change is the elimination of color temperature controls. With most customers sticking to auto white balance in the past, it’s likely not a giant lost. For the full list of tweaks, be sure to check out our full hands-on gallery.

Meanwhile, a teardown of this new version reveals an in-development “McFly” mode that’s likely for rewinding the video and even presumably Movement Photos. Google usually has fun names for camera options, with this one being a Back to the Future reference.

With Pixel 3 featuring two front-facing cameras, selfies are vital to smartphone buyers in Google’s thoughts. Camera 6.3 takes that a step additional with built-in images suggestions. Lastly, we found evidence of Pixel 4 support with this release.

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