Habib Gul- Imran Khan Is Taking Pakistan Towards Bankruptcy

Habib Gul- Imran Khan Is Taking Pakistan Towards Bankruptcy

Habib Gul, 58, ticked off the explanations he’s angry at Prime Minister Imran Khan and his efforts to salvage Pakistan’s bankrupt economic system.

“Sugar is up. Flour is up. Electricity is up,” Gul stated, his graying beard flecked with straw mud. “Everybody on this truck voted for him. He is going after the thieves and scoundrels as he promised. However, he has done nothing for the poor. With the excessive prices and taxes, Imran Khan is destroying us.”

20 miles away, in an electronics market in Rawalpindi, vendor Fatiullah Khan, 35, defined why cellphone shelves are half empty. With Pakistan’s rupee in fall against the US dollar, he stated, imported smartphones lose half their value by the time a delivery arrives, and revenue evaporates.

“Everything here is at a standstill,” he mentioned. “The Pakistan government allowed the dollar to go up and up, and it has devalued the whole business group. We welcome actions against corruption within the elite. However, small businesses must be safeguarded.”

Some of the Pakistanis face the levels of hunger, fear, or despair, which have pushed millions of individuals from the Middle East and Central America to flee their nations. However, the new leaders of this nuclear-armed nation, which shares borders with India, Afghanistan, and China, can’t afford an eruption of public unrest or a revival of the Islamist terrorism that has left it bereft of foreign allies and investors.

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