A Man In Las Vegas Died Because of West Nile Virus

Ever since June 3, Jill Moore now holds photos and memories of her late husband, Arnold Moore, near her heart. He was 68 when he died.

“I miss him a lot,” she stated.

Moore died of Encephalitis, because of the West Nile Virus, in line with his Certificate of Death.

About a month before he died, Jill says she remembers a morning where her husband did not appear to be himself.

“Like, asking unusual questions, what time is the plumber going to get here, when no plumber was coming,” she stated. “So it was like he didn’t know exactly who he was.”

On the hospital, he underwent test after test, procedure after procedure. Initially, the doctors thought he was sick with a type of Meningitis, according to Jill.

“They did a second spinal tap, and I guess that is when they stated it was West Nile Virus,” she stated. “I mentioned to the infectious disease doctor, ‘Who would have thought West Nile Virus, here in Las Vegas?’ And she mentioned, ‘It is everywhere.'”

People usually contract the West Nile Virus from mosquitoes. Moore remembers seeing some a couple of months back.

“There have been a few that were flying around our house that I killed,” she stated.

That was in April. Moore turned sick in May, and eventually died in June. She says they hadn’t traveled anywhere lately, and that her husband was a healthy man.

“He loved vegetables and fruit,” she stated. “He would have tomatoes for dinner or green beans.”

They plan to spread his ashes in Napa Valley, California, a place she says he loved. As she continues to deal with this unfortunate reality, she desires everyone to know that just because Las Vegas is within the desert, that doesn’t imply that the West Nile Virus isn’t.

“I simply want to alert the public that it’s out there more than they’re saying, and it’s scary,” she stated.