NASA Plans to Commercialize International Space Station

The space agency plans to launch the floating lab as much as private astronauts in addition to commercial firms, it stated. That could include film crews, for example, who might be allowed to make ads or entire films in space.

The first space tourists may head up to the ISS in 2020, Nasa stated.

The plans allow private corporations to lease out time on Nasa’s a part of the International Space Station. They may also be able to borrow its astronauts for their commercial work and take their applied sciences to the floating lab – although they are anticipated to pay substantial prices for the opportunity.

NASA has long been resistant to the concept of commercializing its operations, together with the ISS. Previously, something that was taken up to the ISS needed to have an educational or research component.

However, in current times it has become more open to the concept, with administrator Jim Bridenstine even suggesting that the US could permit companies to buy the naming rights to rockets.

The missions will be a part of Nasa’s broader plan to permit business firms into space. It hopes that private industry can create the space technologies of the future, and assist with its plans to return to the Moon in 2024, taking the first-ever woman and the first person in decades.

The private astronauts will nonetheless have to pass Nasa’s medical standards and the training procedures to make sure they’re safe onboard the ISS.

Ultimately, private corporations might use floating habitations like the ISS to stop off at on their way to additional locations deeper within the solar system.

NASA’s decision to open up the International space station comes as a variety of firms begin to offer the possibility of space tourism in the future. Elon Musk’s SpaceX, for example, will send a Japanese billionaire and eight artists around the Moon in a private mission slated for 2023.