Donald Trump’s Leases Can Lead to Increase In Pollution

President Donald Trump’s leases of public lands and waters for oil and gas drilling might result in the production of more climate-warming pollution than the whole European Union contributes in a year, in keeping with a new report.

The Wilderness Society estimates heat-trapping emissions from extorting and burning these fossil fuels could vary between 854m and 4.7bn metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, relying on how much development corporations pursue.

The 28 nations within the European Union produced about 4bn metric tons of CO2 equivalent in 2014, the last year reported.

“These leasing choices have significant and long-term ramifications for our climate and our means to stave off the worst impacts of world warming,” the group mentioned.

“Emissions from public lands are anticipated to fall well short of the reductions target suggested by main climate science, and this administration’s leasing choices are making that problem much worse.”

The US government has provided close to 378m acres (153m hectares) of public lands and waters for oil and fuel leasing since Trump became president via April 2019, in line with the group. That’s more than any previous administration, as per the Wilderness Society.

David Hayes, who was interior’s deputy secretary below the Obama administration, testified before US lawmakers at a listening to on Tuesday that some oil and gas activity can and may continue on public lands “however it should be counterbalanced with the aggressive deployment of our public lands to deal with the climate crisis.”

Republicans on the subcommittee holding the House hearing referred to as a witness from the conservative Heritage Basis to argue that “negligible climate benefits” would come from banning oil and gas production on federal lands.