FaceApp Application Is Getting More Popular

It looks as if every week, a brand new trend sweeps the Web, exploding with viral videos and memes that are shared throughout Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook (a number of days late, however you know). This week, an interesting trend emerged from the depths of the interwebs known as the #FaceAppChallenge, and it is a real doozy.

The problem comes courtesy of FaceApp, an app developed in 2017 that allows customers to change their faces in several other ways, together with adding a smile and changing your sex, race (although this controversial filter was swiftly eliminated shortly after its release), and now, age. The latest iteration offers filters that turn customers either into clean-faced baby versions of themselves or wrinkly geriatrics with a smattering of sunspots and gray hair.

Wish to join in on the fun? Utilizing FaceApp is pretty easy—here’s how it works. Upload an image of yourself out of your camera roll (or take a selfie) and place your face within the overlay so that the app can learn the nuances of your face. When the image is uploaded, choose from any one of the available filters and watch yourself be transformed.

Still, in the past few days, the picture editing app skyrocketed in popularity among Androids and iPhones alike because of various celebrities joining in on the fun and uploading photos of what they imagined their future selves would seem like. Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas undoubtedly gave us a laugh (and a fright, tbh) with their take on the challenge.