A Website Which Uses AI to Create A Portrait

Turn your selfies into harrowing however artistic portraits, Head over to aiportraits.com, home of a fun little widget constructed by researchers at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, and upload a photograph to check out an artistic transformation for yourself.

The site makes use of an algorithm skilled on 45,000 classical portraits to render your face in faux oil, watercolor, or ink. There’s an enormous variety of styles included in this database, covering artists from Rembrandt to Titian to van Gogh, with each input producing a unique portrait.

Because the researchers point out, unlike earlier AI methods that created similar AI portraits, the algorithm right here is not merely “painting over” your face in a new style. Instead, it makes use of a generative adversarial network (GAN) to generate new features from scratch.

Sure elements inside any selfie might prompt the algorithm to make use of a specific style. Within the photographs below, for instance, researchers say the algorithm “decides upon a Renaissance style, highlighting the elegance of the aquiline nose, the smoothness of the forehead.” If you try a few different selfies, you’ll get different results.

Before you get worried concerning the privacy implications (as some have warned with face-aging app FaceApp), this does all seem above board. Your images are sent to the creators’ servers to produce the portrait. However, the researchers promise they won’t use your data for any other purpose, and any pictures you send are “immediately” deleted after use.