Google Discovered a Problem With Google Assistant

One of the many trade-offs firms face in developing voice assistants is balancing consumer privacy and utility. Counting on voice commands alone could be very handy; however, what happens when these commands depend on information secured behind your phone’s lock screen? Google appears to be thinking about this drawback right now, as the corporate tests relaxing existing Assistant lock screen restrictions, and permitting some customers to send text messages without first unlocking their phones.

Our friends at Google have been lucky sufficient to receive the functionality in an A/B test of Google’s newest beta app, version 10.28. Often, while you’re asking the Assistant to send a message by way of any supported app, like Messages, WhatsApp, or Telegram, it would ask you to unlock your gadget first. This prompt is missing for Google, and text messages go through.

After we examined this on Pixel 3, the feature seemed to be half-working, too. While we couldn’t get the Assistant to send a text message truly, it did not ask me to unlock my phone first. Instead, it bugged out within the process and stated it would not quite understand me and requested me to use the keyboard as a substitute. Even with Lock screen personal results activated, nothing modified. With this in mind, the new behavior may be a bug in the end.