The New Budget Smartphone by Motorola

Motorola has already launched updates to its Moto G and Moto Z lines this year, and now it’s the entry-level Moto E’s turn, with the $149 Moto E6. And for that budget price, you’re getting exactly as much phone as you’d expect.

This year, E6 is the only model within the budget line (in comparison with last year’s, which noticed three different E5, E5 Play, and E5 Plus models). That worth slots it just below the $199.99 Moto G7 Play and provides Motorola phone at every $50 increment from $149 to $299.

The brand new Moto E6 hews the closest in design to the E5 from last year’s trio, nevertheless it has a smaller 5.5-inch display (vs. 5.7 inches last year), and a battery which has been bumped down to 3,000 mAh as a substitute of 4,000 mAh — however, it’s removable this time, which is nice. For internal specs, the RAM and storage are the same — 2GB and 16GB onboard, respectively — however, the processor has been bumped up to a Snapdragon 435 from the Snapdragon 427 in last year’s model, which Motorola says is 50 % faster.

It does have a headphone jack, however for some reason, Motorola is still sticking to a Micro USB port as an alternative of USB-C, even though it’s 2019. I’m assuming this is being done to keep prices down because there aren’t a ton of other reasons to make use of the old port.

New is a “water repellent design” from a P2i nano-coating — it’s not waterproof and has no IP rating, but it may survive a bit of rain or a splash, which is better than nothing. The essential modifications come to the camera, which has been bumped up to a 13-megapixel lens and now helps some of Motorola’s fancier tricks, like spot color and portrait modes.