Google Has Done Some Appreciable Work

Google did something downright wonderful this past week. While Apple and Intel and T-mobile and Sprint had been dominating tech news, Google quietly announced that it has 100,000 Home Minis to give out to individuals who will put them to great use because they’re paralyzed or partially paralyzed.

Partnering with the Dana Reeve Foundation and Christopher, Google has set aside 100,000 little bits of plastic and silicon that may make a pretty big impact on the lives of people that could use the additional help. Reeve Foundation Ambassador Garrison Redd knows all too well about the impact a small smart speaker can have as he has been wheelchair-bound for almost 20 years. I additionally know how a lot help those little speakers and related smart devices can be because they’ve additionally made quite the distinction in my own life.

I am not paralyzed; however, living your life in a wheelchair could make issues pretty difficult. The world is designed for and by people who are in a position to walk about, reach the things on the top shelf, and live their lives without asking for help when the doorbell rings or the heat needs to be bumped up a notch. It should be — I can’t speak for everybody who’s disabled. However, I’ve never met anybody in a wheelchair who thinks the world should be designed for “us” instead of “them.” Being confined to a hunk of metal tubing on wheels does not make me less of an individual or some sort of freak. However, it is not the norm, and the world would not need to revolve around it.