Microsoft Is Making Cloud Download Things More Easy

Microsoft has seemingly abandoned the concept of rolling out new distinct versions of Windows every couple of years. Instead, it just releases more updates for Windows 10. It let one update sneak out before it was ready last week, showing off a revised Start menu. That construct additionally has another secret to spill. Microsoft is seemingly working on cloud recovery options in Windows 10.

We’ve all been there: some horrible, data-destroying factor has occurred to your computer, and you need to reinstall Windows. At occasions like that, the last thing you need to do is dig through boxes and manuals to search out your Windows install media. If you discover it, the system image on it could be years old. With your computer incapacitated, you may not even have a way to make a new, up-to-date installation drive.

The leaked Windows build has an easy solution to that vexing problem. It provides the option of downloading a fresh copy of Windows from the cloud alongside the option to “reset locally” and reinstall the model you already have. Downloading a fresh construct of Windows from the cloud has the potential to save hours of downloading and installing patches for an old version.

For this feature to work seamlessly, Microsoft would need its hardware companions to provide drivers or depend on the generic ones already bundled in Windows. Otherwise, customers would have a fresh, new version of Windows and a bunch of non-functional hardware. That’s an issue most casual customers wouldn’t know solve. Microsoft has the pull within the industry to make hardware vendors get in line. However, it has to be serious about the effort. If OEMs are allowed to ignore the cloud restore option, no one is going to make use of it. Apple has a similar feature on Macs. However, it has complete control over the hardware. So, there aren’t any OEMs to strongarm.