NASA Has Discovered 3 New Planets

NASA’s (TESS) Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite has found a star, generally known as “Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Object of Interest 270,” or TOI 270, 73 light-years away from Earth that has three exoplanets orbiting it, together with a so-called “super-Earth” and two others which are described as Neptune-like.

“This technique is precisely what TESS was designed to search out — small, temperate planets that go, or transit, in front of an inactive host star, one missing excessive stellar exercise, akin to flares,” mentioned the research’s lead author, Maximilian Günther, in a statement on NASA’s website. “This star is quiet and really close to us, and therefore a lot brighter than the host stars of comparable programs. With prolonged follow-up observations, we’ll quickly be able to determine the make-up of these worlds, set up if atmospheres are present and what sort of gases they contain, and more.”

Of specific interest is the smaller planet, TOI 270 b, as it’s notably near the star and solely barely bigger than our Earth. Described as an “oven-sizzling world” by NASA, TOI 270 b orbits the star each three.4 days, is roughly 25 % bigger than Earth and is estimated to have a mass around 1.9 occasions higher than Earth’s.

“We’ve discovered only a few planets like this within the habitable zone, and plenty of fewer around a quiet star, so that is uncommon,” mentioned Stephen Kane, a UC Riverside associate professor of planetary astrophysics, in a separate statement. “We don’t have a planet quite like this in our solar system.”