Nintendo Switch Will Fix the Issues with Display

Inside the last month, Nintendo has introduced a cheaper and more transportable version of the Switch within the upcoming Switch Lite, together with a hardware revision for the existing Switch boasting greatly improved battery life amongst other enhancements.

However now, while we wait for these systems to hit the market, it appears the Switch is getting another upgrade within the type of a brand new show. Based on a report by the Wall Street Journal, Japanese electronics maker Sharp will supply IGZO screens to Nintendo for use in future Switch models.

If true, this might be a significant improvement for the Switch and probably the Switch Lite, as one of the biggest complaints concerning the Switch is Nintendo’s use of lackluster display tech.

By opting to make use of Sharp’s screens within the Switch, Nintendo may take advantage of the smaller transistors utilized in IGZO displays to extend the system’s total power efficiency. Screens based on IGZO tech—which is an acronym for the indium gallium zinc oxide used to make Sharp’s semiconductors—tend to have better transparency than silicon-based displays, which reduces the necessity for brighter backlighting, and will even help eliminate the cloudiness or haziness that often plagues the present Switch’s display.

IGZO displays additionally suffer from less noise in comparison with other types of display tech—a characteristic that Sharp claims make its screens more delicate to touch input. So in short, future Switch models might feature displays with brighter, richer colors that are more responsive to the touch, which looks like a win all-around.