Fake Heart Rate Checking App On App Store

Fake Heart Rate Checking App On App Store

A scam heart rate application that tried to con iPhone customers out of $89/year is now back within the App Store underneath a new name, some eight months after Apple removed the original version.

The app particularly targets individuals who own iPhones with Touch ID.

What the app does is ask customers to place their finger on the Home button, supposedly to take a heart-beat reading. In actuality, the app dims the display brightness its minimum to cover the content — which is definitely Apple’s dialogue requesting authorization for a recurring in-app buy if customers place a registered Touch ID finger on the Home button, that completes the purchase.

Apple removed the application in November of last year following our report. However, Brazil’s Mac Magazine reports that it has now returned.

After the controversy, the application has been removed from the App Store; however, guess what – it’s back under a brand new identity.

Who warned us about the inglorious come back was our reader, on Twitter, noting that the app isn’t only back, however, is being introduced on YouTube – that’s, another legion of unwary may fall for the Touch ID scam. Now the app presents itself as “Pulse Heartbeat,” and its developer is registered as BIZNES-PLAUVANNYA, PP.

The in-app buy is now for 340 Brazilian Reais, which is equal to around US$85. As before, the app is concentrating on Portuguese speakers.

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