YouTube Formally Announces Modifications to Children's Content Complying with FTC Settlement

YouTube Formally Announces Modifications to Children’s Content Complying with FTC Settlement

YouTube executives have notified creators over the last few months that modifications are coming to the platform to comply with a federal children’s privacy law. These changes enter full effect: focused adverts will now be restricted from running on kids’ movies, and kids’ movies will lose access to feedback and some other community features.

YouTube has stated child-focused channels will see “a big business effect” resulting from lowered advert income.

YouTube may even start working promotions for YouTube Kids, a separate app that filters the type of content customers can see, on all kids’ videos.

YouTube introduced the app in 2015. It removes many of the features which are available on the primary site.

YouTube informed creators back in September that they’ll soon be required to “designate their content material as made for kids or not made for teenagers.” The modifications come as a part of a $170 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over alleged breaches of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Anybody watching a video that’s been designated as made for kids will now be seen as a viewer under the age of 13 years old, no matter how old the viewer really is.

Focused promoting won’t be run on videos named kids’ content material, and specific options, together with having the ability to send push notifications, will be disabled.

YouTube nonetheless can’t describe what content material is “made for kids” and what isn’t, since it’s up to the FTC to implement the guidelines.

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