Lidar Sensors Manufacturers Tap New Markets from Banks to Drones

Lidar Sensors Manufacturers Tap New Markets from Banks to Drones

Self-driving vehicles employ lidar, a remote sensing technology utilizing pulsed laser light the way radar makes use of radio waves, and lidar manufacturers waiting for the automotive industry to take off are cultivating new customers who would use the technology for all the things from monitoring cattle to helping a disc jockey (DJ) synchronize dance music.

Ouster, a San Francisco tech startup, is betting on new markets, including delivery robots, catastrophe relief, and even an approach from the DJ. Another Bay area startup, AEye, is talking to a financial institution that wishes to monitor cattle growth to ensure the monetary health of a farmer who’s a loan customer.

Alternative makes use of, and customers are wanted to keep income flowing at lidar startups waiting for the anticipated growth in self-driving automobiles, which nonetheless still nascent.

Firms are also working on cutting the price of lidar sensors, at present, anywhere from about $1,200 to over $12,000. Lower prices will make lidar extra attractive for new sectors.

Lidar pioneer Velodyne Tuesday unveiled its smallest sensor to date, referred to as Velabit, at a price tag of $100.

Chief Executive Anand Gopalan stated it was the first time Velodyne mentioned a lidar value in its press release as a result of it wanted to point out it has “reached a level of scale from a technology perspective as well as a manufacturing perspective.” He stated functions embody driver assistance programs.

China’s DJI, the world’s biggest drone maker, also launched a low-cost suite of Livox lidar sensors at CES ranging in price from $599 to $999.

The affordable price makes them practical for markets past the robotaxi and self-driving truck segments. They can be utilized on robots that scrub floors, ship groceries, and mow the garden.

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