Now Users Can Unlock iPhones Through Physical Keys Using Google Smart Lock

Now Users Can Unlock iPhones Through Physical Keys Using Google Smart Lock

The latest update to Google’s Smart Lock app on iOS means users can use their iPhone as a physical 2FA security key for logging into Google’s first-party services in Chrome. Once it’s done, attempting to log in to a Google service on, say, a laptop, will create a push notification on a nearby iPhone.

Users then need to unlock their Bluetooth-enabled iPhone and tap a button in Google’s application to verify before the login process in their laptop completes.

Two-factor authentication is likely one of the most important steps users can take to secure their online accounts. It also gives an additional layer of safety past a standard username and password.

Physical security keys are much safer than the six-digit codes that are in widespread use today, since these codes may be intercepted virtually as quickly as passwords themselves.

Google already allows to use Android phone as a physical security key, and now that the feature is available on iOS it signifies that anyone with a smartphone now owns a security key without having to purchase a dedicated device.

The brand new process is much like the existing Google Prompt feature; however, the crucial difference is that the Smart Lock app works over Bluetooth, rather than connecting through the internet.

Meaning a phone must be in proximity to a laptop for the authentication to work, which offers another cover of security.

Nonetheless, the application itself doesn’t ask for any biometric authentication — in case an iPhone is already unlocked. A nearby attacker could open the app and authenticate the login attempt.

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