Govt’s push for GST compliance is boon for tax consultants: Startup

With the govt gradually bringing small businesses under Goods and Services Tax chain, it’s become a boon for service providers, a tax startup has claimed.

The startup, GST Dost, estimates the entire value of GST and related services to be over Rs 12,000 crore.

“The introduction of e-invoicing for companies of Rs 100 crore and above will open new business opportunity for us. There are approximately 13,500 businesses having turnover of over Rs 100 crore in India,” GST DOST president Vikas Dhanania told PTI.

E-invoicing is currently mandated for businesses with an annual turnover over Rs 500 crore.

The government has notified the mandatory requirement of e-invoicing for B2B transactions for businesses with a turnover of over Rs 100 crore with effect from January 1, 2021.

For the govt it’ll cause reduction in fraud cases in evasion , he said.

“With the govt expanding the GST ambit to small businesses, we are aiming at a multi-fold rise in our revenue over subsequent 2-3 years,” he said.

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