Himachal Pradesh in profound freeze, Keylong coldest at – 10.3° Celsius

Transport administrations upset on 211 courses of Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation because of harsh climate

Extreme virus wave cleared across Himachal Pradesh with the base and greatest temperatures plunging a few scores beneath edge of freezing over, even as skies were sure about Wednesday.

Keylong, the authoritative focal point of Lahaul and Spiti, kept on being the coldest spot in the state at – 10.3° Celsius, a critical plunge of over 3°compared to the base temperature of – 6.7°C on Monday. The base temperature at Kalpa in Kinnaur was – 6° C. The region shuddered at – 3.1°C the day preceding. The greatest temperature at Keylong and Kalpa was – 1.5°C and 0.1° C, individually.

Meteorological office chief Manmohan Singh said the base temperatures were up to 3° beneath ordinary, while the most extreme temperatures were up to 7° underneath typical in the state.

Dalhousie recorded a low of – 2.9°C and limit of – 0.5°C. The base temperature at Manali was – 2.6°C, while state capital Shimla and the slope stations of Kufri, Dharamshala and Palampur recorded lows of 1.6°C, – 0.2°C, 1.4°C and 1°C, individually.

Nahan was the hottest spot in the state and recorded a high of 17.9°C.


The climate division has conjecture snowfall from January 4 when a western aggravation gets dynamic over the area. A yellow climate cautioning of thick ground ice and exceptional virus wave in the lower slopes, including Una, Bilaspur, Hamirpur and Kangra, on Wednesday and Thursday.


Three roadways and in excess of 300 different streets in the state stayed shut for traffic because of the nasty climate, bringing about disturbance of 211 transport courses of Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (HRTC).

97 transports have been abandoned at different spots across the state. A limit of 73 streets are shut down in the ancestral Lahaul-Spiti area.

Himachal Pradesh public works office has dropped the leaves of its representatives and a large number of laborers have been sent in the field to eliminate snow from different stretches.

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